• 1 in 3 families in America struggle to afford diapers for their children.
  • 34% of families surveyed had cut back on basics such as food, utilities or child care in order to purchase diapers for their child.
  • 22% of all children under five years of age in the United States live in poverty.
  • Poverty is most pronounced in households led by single mothers, where 54% of children live in poverty (as opposed to 10% of children under five in double-parent households).
  • At an average cost of $18 per week, families require $936—more than 4% of poverty-threshold income—per child per year for diapers.
  • Families from a range of incomes struggle to afford diapers, including both families who fall below the federal guideline of poverty ($22,350 for a family of four) and families with incomes above the federal poverty guideline but who are still considered low-income.
  • Research suggests that families earning twice the federal poverty guideline still struggle to meet their basic needs.
Cybele Raver et al., Huggies® Every Little Bottom Study: Diaper Need in the U.S. and Canada, Kimberly-Clark: 2010
U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2005-2009


Also click to watch an interview with the head of the Diaper Bank Network explaining why it is so important to solve the problem of diapers for poor families.

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